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To Ca•ter "(Verb) to provide; to supply (food, etc.); to care for"

Earth Day Audubon 2006 Earth Day Audubon 2006 Earth Day Audubon 2006
Los Angeles' first Zero Waste Event with Commercial Composting Service
2006 Earth Day Audubon Festival
organized by CaterGreen!

Since Earth Day 2005, CaterGreen! Zero Waste Solutions has been serving up conscientious solutions for Food providers; Festivals & Events, Restaurants, Businesses & Offices, and Individuals that want to make a difference in this world. We offer these with the awareness that every solution also carries with it a challenge. There is no environmentally sustainable way to keep up with our current rate of consumption, especially with single use disposable products; however, we do have Choice. We hope that our love to educate, our services and our products, along with Best Management Practices, are one choice that will assist in reducing the impact we have on our environment and assist in Global Healing for all living beings for now and future generations.

When we sold our first Compostable Forks made from US grown wheat on Earth Day 2005, we were the only ones on the block that offered compostable products. Today, things have changed for the better - there is much more awareness about the impacts of petroleum based products on the environment and human health. It is much easier now to find compostable products. With this in mind, we thought you'd like to know what makes us different and why so many people have supported us through the years (we apologize in advance for the lengthy list):

  • First and foremost, Sustainable, Green Living isn't just a niche or marketing tool for us... Environmentally Conscious Living is our way of life.
  • In 2001, we offered our first environmental service, Eco-Now - Sustainable Living in the Now - focusing on "being the change we seek" through products, education and internet resources.
  • We were pioneers in bringing the concept of Zero Waste into Los Angeles.
  • We worked with City of Santa Monica officials in their consideration to ban polystyrene in all Food Service Establishments as well as a proposed plastic bag ban.
  • We worked with Farmers' Market Managers to implement Zero Waste Policies
  • All of our compostable paper goods are BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) Certified and adhere to ASTM D6400 (BioPlastics) or D6868 (Coated Fiber Board).
  • Unlike 99% of Food Service Packaging Distributors, we have never, ever sold Expanded Polystyrene (styrofoam).
  • Our Delivery vehicle as well as our personal vehicle is powered by biodiesel.
  • With very few exceptions, all of our products are proudly made in the United States, supporting domestic Green Jobs and fair labor practices.
  • We donate compostable products regularly to theGuerrilLA Food Not Bombs that serves Venice, Skid Row downtown and various locations and events in the Los Angeles area to include the South Central Farm and Proyecto Jardin.
  • We work with our clients to use less disposables and advocate for Bring Your Own Programs.
  • We have spoken before Class Rooms, Chamber of Commerce mixers and various other venues on Zero Waste education.
  • We work with our clients to implement water and energy conservation measures as well as closing the loop on their waste stream.
  • We have gotten more than 50 Food Service Establishments to switch to composting their food waste with the Los Angeles Food Waste Recycling Program, ranging from Mom and Pop Cafe's to the Los Angeles Convention Center.
  • We have helped more than 50 restaurants switch from rendering companies to recycle their waste vegetable oil into locally made biodiesel with GeoGreen Biofuels' Free Waste Cooking Oil Service.
  • Our Invoices are printed on 100% Post Consumer Recycled paper.
  • The website is Solar Powered!
  • Many were inspired by us to start their own "Green" business - from Sustainable Living and Zero Waste Consultants to retailers of compostable products.

We believe, "we each can make a difference!" Next time you have an event go ZERO WASTE! Next time you go shopping - Choose to bring your own BAG. Coffee? Tea? Bring your own CUP. Food To-Go? Bring your own OR ask for COMPOSTABLE CONTAINERS! And Support Businesses that are making a Difference... YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

With Sincerity, Love and Light,

The CaterGreen! Team:)

Serving you the Ingredients to Cater Green since 2005

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