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One Stop Shop Green Cleaning Solutions!

We now have the goods to help you green your kitchen and get the hazardous chemicals out by supplying you with the best green cleaning chemicals in the industry. With EcologicSolutions, We have found a like minded company that offers systems and products with high integrity, without compromising quality, effectiveness and not breaking the bank... this is a cost neutral way to go green. A majority of the products are made here in California. Some of our product offerings include:

  • Pot & Pan Soap - Green Restaurant Association (GRA) Certified; No phosphates, butyl, or synthetic fragrances; Readily biodegradeable, non-caustic
  • Neutral pH Sanitizer - EPA & Health Department Approved; Replaces bleach; Highly diluted, oderless and non-toxic
  • Floor Cleaner & Grout Restorer - EcoLogo Certified; Digests grease & deposits on all floors and grout; pH neutral: safe for front and back of house mopping; Helps maintain wastewater, grease traps, odors & flies
  • Heavy Duty Degreaser - GreenSeal, GRA and UDSA BioPreferred; Non-corrosive or fuming; Highly versatile; Concentrated formula saves money vs. ready to use
  • Glass & Mirror Cleaner - GreenSeal and GRA; No ammonia, butyl or aerosols; 100% plant based, non-streaking formula
  • Apple & Aloe Hand Soap - GreenSeal and GRA; 100% natural ingredients; Conditions skin
  • Oven Cleaner - GRA; 100% plant based, viscous formula clings to oven walls; Replaces fierce, caustic, burning chemicals
  • Grease Traps & Drain Oder Treatment - EcoLogo; Bacteria and enzyme blend consumes organic waste; Beneficial to wastewater; Regular use prevents bulidup and odor problems
  • Spray & Wipe All Purpose Cleaner - GreenSeal, GRA and UDSA BioPreferred; 100% plant based, pH neutral all purpose cleaner; Highly versatile, low cost product replaces multiple products and streamlines purchasing
  • Wood & Furniture Polish - GRA; Low VOCs, 100% Bio-based; Repels dust and fingerprints
  • Citric Acid Based Bathroom Cleaner - GreenSeal
  • Oder & Spot Stain Eliminator - EcoLogo

Ask about the Green Machine Warewashing program and E-Water!

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Active Ion

Active Ion

Designed for the professional cleaner, one ionator EXP replaces a multitude of general-purpose cleaners, killing 99.9%* of germs and eliminating dirt. The ionator EXP has been durability tested, comes with a larger reservoir for more cleaning between refills, and a 2-year warranty. (*when used as directed). Made in USA

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Ultimate Cloth - Microfiber Cleaning Products

simple. green. effective.

Exlusive, Patented MiraFiber Technology Cleans with Water Only! More effective than harsh cleaning chemicals and soaps.

Made in USA, the revolutionary construction of the cloth creates millions of tiny scoops which remove Film, Oil, Grease, Dirt, Fingerprints, Soap Scum & a lot More

Washable, Bleachable (non-chlorine), Good for 100's of Uses (Guaranteed 5 years general use).

  • No More expensive Glass, Surface & Floor Cleaning Chemicals
  • No More Paper Towels
  • No More Flat Mop Refills
  • Cuts cleaning time in half!

Ask about the Micro-Magic Mop - 100% Microfiber Mop

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