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City of Los Angeles Food Waste Recycling Program

The City of Los Angeles has implemented a food waste recycling service for Restaurants and other Food Service Establishments who are commercial customers within the city.

What is the Food Waste Recycling Program?

The Food Waste Recycling program is a regular waste service, but instead of hauling "trash" to a landfill, all organic materials (ie. food scraps including meats & bones, soiled paper, Compostable containers etc.) is hauled to a Municipal Composting Facility. This service provides outside collection bins with scheduled pick-ups.

Why be on the "Food Waste Recycling" Program?

  1. Food Service Industry consumes and produces an incredible amount of waste that is commonly sent to the landfill with up to 85% and/or more, being food waste and other organic matter, the rest being Plastics, metals/aluminum etc. All of these materials just sit in the landfill for many generations creating hazards for our air, water, soil and neighboring communities. Even though organic waste has a chance to degrade in a landfill, it is likely to instead get buried in liquid (anaerobic conditions) creating gasses such as methane- a green house gas. Now days Methane can also be captured and/or used for renewable energy resources... But this is not always the case. More significantly, this organic waste can be diverted from the landfill via Municipal Composting. Therefore instead of polluting the land it can become a resource using it as a natural fertilizer to replenish the land.
  2. In Athens Services contract area only, the City of L.A. is giving an incentive to start this program by subsidizing 80% of the program costs for the first year, 60% second year and 20% for the third year. This will save you MONEY, but most importantly, you will be Saving the ENVIRONMENT.
  3. Compostable containers, cups, utensils and straws made from biobased resins are actually intended to be placed in commercial composting systems such as this one. Poly-coated paperboard and waxed produce boxes are also accepted.
  4. This is a big step towards becoming a "Green" business.
  5. You'll be assisting the City of Los Angeles Zero Waste Plan, making L.A. a Green L.A.

For More Info, Contact the Organics Section of the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation: (213) 485-2260.

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